How To Apply Lashes


What You Will Need

Before you attempt to apply Mogul Lashes, you will need a few items:

Lash Applicator or tweezers

Lash Adhesive


Handheld Mirror (Magnifying mirrors work best)

And of course a pair of Mogul Lashes

Step One: Measure The Lash

Measure the length of lash band by placing the lash on your eyelid.  Trim excess from the outer corner if the lash is too long. This will prevent you from creating a droopy eyelid look. 

Step Two: Apply The Adhesive

Using a lash applicator or tweezers, hold the lash in the center of the band.  Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band and allow 30-40 seconds to dry. 


NOTE:  It is important that you let the glue get tacky before applying to the eyelid. This will prevent the lash from moving during the application.

CAUTION: Do not use hair glue to apply lashes as it contains formaldehyde and can cause damage to the eyes. 

Step Three: Apply The Lash

Using a handheld mirror, look down slightly until you can see the top of your lash line. . Start by placing the lash on the center of your natural lash band then secure the inner and outer corners.

NOTE:  The trick is to start in the center first! how to apply lashes

Step Four: Secure The Lash

Once the lash is secure and the glue is somewhat dry, gently squeeze your natural eyelashes together with your Mogul Lashes and no one will ever know you are wearing falsies.

Final Step: Chase Your Dreams!

Congrats Beautiful!  You have successfully applied your Mogul Lashes.  Now go chase your dreams and conquer the world one lash at a time!